Four Digital Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

Four Digital Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

There are 4.39 billion people who use the internet every day, and the number is still increasing. This is the reason most organizations choose to use digital marketing. This helps them to reach a large number of people within a short period. Law firms nowadays also feel the need to use digital marketing to increase their online presence.

Digital marketing involves blogging, building backlinks, creating citations. But, digital marketing investing time and the use of proper resources is the way to get the best result. The more will be the online presence of your client, the more will be their chances to get noticed. Nothing can be an exception for the law firms.

Digital marketing for solicitors is a thriving option right now, and therefore it has a competitive market. To stay ahead, it is a must to use some digital marketing strategies for law firms. Here is the list of four key strategies for marketing law firms with digital tools –

  1. Concentrate on getting reviews:

Reviews significantly impact any sort of business. Forbes report says that 94% of consumers avoid a company with bad reviews. Similarly, a 2015 report conducted by Moz revealed that 67% of customers are directly influenced by online reviews. When you are planning digital marketing strategies for law firms, you must try to gather reviews. This reputation gathered from good reviews can earn success for your client.

People generally look for legal help from solicitors in worst-case scenarios. Like most other services, people trust the reviews by the real clients of a solicitor. To get it done, you may post the reviews under the ‘get reviews’ option on your client’s website. You can also post it on the legal firm’s Google page, or any other social networking sites.

Getting reviews is also an essential part of the procedure. It may get started from actively asking for reviews from the clients visiting the law firm, or the solicitor. There are a few other processes like sending a text with the link for review once the case is sorted. Or you can also send a final letter to the clients of the solicitor and ask them for their genuine reviews.

  1. Website optimization:

For all the organizations, the first step to introduce them online is to create a website. The website is an asset for law firms as they are helpful to showcase their capability and which helps in building the credibility of the law firm. Website optimization is one of the key strategies for marketing law firms with digital tools.

The website must include all the professional details about the law firm and the solicitor. A well-organized and nicely designed website can give it a professional approach. It is extremely helpful in earning traffics to the site and later turns them into potential leads.

The website is the first indirect meeting between the solicitor and his client. After visiting the website, the clients decide whether they should seek their help. The site must clearly state the contact information.

The site must be mobile-friendly. The website must be designed to respond to different browsers opened on different devices. It plays a significant role in determining the site’s rank in SERPs. This also decides the number of traffic the website will receive. It is also essential to make sure that the website is fast. You have to make the website ADA compliant.

  1. Create interesting articles:

Blog posts are considered one of the most useful tools in digital marketing. As law firms deal with legal advice, they can also use blog posts to provide information and legal advice. If the content of the blog posts is interesting and original, then it may bring significant traffic to the website of the law firm.

People generally search for information based on their local law. Therefore the blog posts must mention the place and the along with the post they must give an overview of the law they post is dealing with.

The website can post blogs about a very regular or normal topic like traffic laws, job contracts, and divorce issues. But, the content must be resourceful, so that the law firm can win the trust of the readers. The subject matter must look like delivered by an expert. These blog posts are essential to attract the attention of the readers.

  1. Get high-quality links:

Getting high-quality links to help in improving search ranking. For lawyer digital marketing strategy should include the use of high-quality links. Whenever a website links to the law firm’s website, the search engine considers that the site has original, informative, and relevant content.

The website must try to avoid spam links, as those will have a negative impact. Creating useful links is quite a time consuming, but in the end, it helps to improve in improving search ranking. It requires building relationships, follow-up, even monetary investment.

The local, new sites can be helpful in this task. The news sites can allow having an interview with an experienced attorney. The news channel often gives insights about the changing local laws, traffic rules, and criminal and real-estate laws.

Therefore, an additional talk from an attorney can be a way to reach out to several potential clients. The legal community has several reputable directories, where the attorney can be listed to improve their backlink profile.


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Digital Marketing For Law Firms

Law Firm Marketing Strategies Proven to Increase Leads & Acquire New Clients

In this day and age, the Internet certainly is the driving force. Therefore, we are seeing a significant change in user behavior in terms of how they interact with brands. 97% of the consumers run a search on Google whenever they need some services or products.

Hence, any business group that is not using the digital world at its fullest is doomed to be irrelevant. Yes, law firms, too, rely on digital marketing to make themselves more reachable to their target audience. SEO for Law Firm is becoming a distinct business network on its own.

Professionals designing digital marketing strategies for law firms strike to be precise in their operation. They use a suitable Digital Marketing Mix. The key here is to maintain an orderly sequence and using different channels to drive traffic to your online presence. Below we have listed the Key Strategies for Marketing Law Firms steps you must follow systematically.

Critical Strategies for Marketing Law Firms

  • Get an elegant and well functional law firm website

The website we are talking about here will be the very center of your online presence. According to statistics, 75% of the potential customers will form an impression of your firm by the look & feel of the business website. Thus, this is something you have to get right.

There are three things that you have to strike perfection on. Here they are:

  1. Design & Responsiveness: Firstly, your website has to look simple yet engaging. A user will form its conception in just 3 seconds. Don’t use too many colors. Two to three prevalent colors can do magic if you pick them right. About templates, don’t make it too complicated. Keep it clean, clear, and straightforward.
  2.  Alongside designs, you should also strive for responsiveness on your website, so it adjusts itself to fit perfectly following different screen resolutions of different devices.
  3. Functionality: The website has to be functional. Whether it is a service page drop-down list, home page animated icons, pop up contact us forms, and they all have to work! And they need to work on mobile devices too.
  4. Page loading speed: If your web pages don’t load fast, your audiences will simply exit and go to your competitor’s website. Google takes page loading speed as one of the most remarkable deciding factors for high ranking.

Take care of these factors, and you will be right enough to start for now on.

  • Learn, know, & use Google My Business listing

Google My Business is just a gift from Google itself. It is a free tool where you can list your physical business location; add your service details of all kinds. How would it benefit you?

Here are the benefits you get from listing on Google My Business:

  • Acceptability for prime position in the local business section of Google SERP
  • GMB is directly connected with Google Maps (Another Google product). So your potential clients can locate your establishment quickly.
  • Your potential clients can even schedule appointments through your listing itself.
  • GMB offers you to link the listing with your website. In this way, you can drive the traffic to your site.

When Google itself is offering you so much for free, don’t be a fool not to make the best out of it.

  • Don’t ignore social media

Yes, at its spirit Social Media is casual of a platform where people share, laugh, and celebrate together. Quite contrasting with the more severe profession we have in hand. But if we think a bit, where people engage wholeheartedly is the place where people absorb messages faster.

  • Time to create easy to read yet engaging contents

There are several points you should follow to attract readers to search and read your website content. Still, the first and foremost thing is to deliver a high-quality substance to your readers. This would not only display your work expertise but also would assure your readers about the reliability of your content. And the perk of having loyal followers makes an opportunity of turning them into business clients in no time.

  • Submit your Web-pages to Google

So now you have good content on your Web-pages now you have to submit them to Google so they can scan, index, and rank your website. You can use Google Webmaster Tool to request indexing. You must use a robot.txt & a sitemap linked with the webmaster tool.

Hiring any professional internet marketing service for your law firm is undoubtedly one of the most excellent ideas of sorting out struggles with your website.

It’s never a bad idea to let the pros handle what you’re struggling with. Hiring an internet marketing professional for your legal solicitor firm, wouldn’t be a bad idea.


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